Discover The ONLY Guide You'll Need To Break Bad Habits & Build Good Ones That Last

Do Not Continue Reading Unless You Suffer From One Of The Things Below

You are:

❌ Reading wildly popular habit books to find yourself stuck in the same place as before
❌ Watching motivational videos while lying on the couch still doing nothing an hour later
❌ Endlessly reading self-help blog posts that give impractical advice
❌ Taking unreliable advice from friends who make you believe in crazy tactics
❌ Expecting things to change when you don't have a strong enough reason to do so
❌ Consistently procrastinating and can't seem to get rid of it
❌ Not being consistent with anything in your life (aside from procrastinating)
❌ Living life without a clear purpose to keep you going
❌ Binging Netflix, eating like shit, and not exercising
❌ Unable to deal with the mental resistance of trying to make a change in your life

All of those problems are keeping you stuck in the same old way of living that is costing you money in your business, making you lie on the couch doing nothing in your free time, and making you disappointed in yourself because you know you aren't living the life you've always envisioned

All because you AREN'T taking action

All because you think tomorrow is going to be different

And I hate to break it to you...

But keeping the same attitude towards your problems will make you regret the choice you made to not build good habits when you're lying on your deathbed

You see, you simply cannot afford to keep making these same mistakes, living with the same bad habits and not getting any closer to the life you know you should be living

So Today, All Of That's Going To Change

''But How?''

By creating a life filled with purpose using methods that are easy to use and can be implemented fast

Feeling and knowing where you want to go makes changing your old ways 100x easier and that's exactly what this guide will help you do (along with countless tips & tricks to make it all stick!)

Why Your Previous Efforts Were All In Vain

You failed to build the habits you claim to so desperately want because you didn't have a strong enough reason to change, you didn't identify with the change itself

You also didn't have the right tools and information to make your desired change a reality

That's all going to change by the mindset and habits you'll adopt when going through this guide

Trust me when I say that habits will make or break your life

They're the backbone for sustainable change and allow you to:

  • Live a healthy life

  • Make more money

  • Save time by optimizing your day

  • Create a system for reaching your goals

  • Live the life you've always dreamt of living

Break & Build Will Set You Free

By teaching you:

1.) Why habits are crucial to living a meaningful, fulfilling, and happy life

2.) Why you suck at building habits (which is keeping you stuck in your old ways)

3.) A step-by-step process for crafting your life’s purpose so you can have guidance & sustained motivation

4.) How to break bad habits that are making you disappointed in yourself using the Habit Killer Framework

5.) How to do Habit Hoarding along with other tactics that are proven to work for building multiple habits quickly and easily

And, most importantly, you’ll learn how to take action towards a life that's worth living!

''Why Should I Believe You?''

Another good question, so let me introduce myself...

Hi, I'm Joep, nice to meet you!

Look, there’s not much worse than trying something and not being able to make it work. This will keep happening if keep doing the things that DON'T work, like listening to people who haven't made real, lasting changes themselves and taking advice from someone who isn't getting you to take action.

I know, because I’ve been there.

I struggled for a LONG time trying to build an exercise habit.

For about 2 years I was going to the gym on and off. No matter what I said to myself, no matter what I tried, it just never stuck.

And this struggle made me feel disappointed in myself. It lowered my confidence, making me even less social than I already was, and resulted in a negative state of mind that lead me to think I'm not able to make any changes in my life.

In short: it’s a slippery slope you don’t want to find yourself in.

Eventually, I managed to create a steady rhythm of going to the gym 6 times a week.

And this momentum allowed me to build other habits that I've been dying to get into such as:

✔️Reading - to become well-read on topics I want to make a career out of
✔️Journaling - to reflect on, process, and uncover the workings of my mind
✔️Meditation - to gain clarity and peace of mind
✔️Improving my diet - to get in great shape and improve my cognitive function
✔️Optimizing my sleep - to be in a great mood throughout the whole day
✔️Becoming more social - to make meaningful relationships and learn from others

And these habits have completely changed my life.

I used to be:

1.) Shy
2.) Doubting myself
3.) Not taking action on my dreams
4.) Didn't remember anything I read or heard
5.) Wasn't in touch with myself and what I needed
6.) A huge procrastinator
7.) Ate and felt like shit

And the list goes on...

All of it changed because I started with one habit and gained momentum.

Momentum to build more habits that were in line with what I wanted, deep down.

All of which you are going to learn in Break & Build!

Stop Wasting Your Time

On 200+ page books with 90% filler and crazy advanced tactics that promise you the world with nothing to back it up.

You need a method that's quick, easy, and effective

You need a system that you can rely on to help you change your old ways

For only $27
- Change your life for less than the price of going for drinks with the homies -

When You Get Break & Build Your Transformation Will Look Like...


❌ Dragging yourself through the day

❌ Being unfulfilled and without purpose

❌ Being disappointed in yourself and your inability to create the life you want

❌ Living the procrastinator lifestyle


✔️ Creating a happier, healthier and fulfilling life that’s in line with your purpose

✔️ Enabling you to transform every aspect of your life for the rest of your life

✔️ Get you started on your self-improvement journey sustainably

✔️ Changing any unconscious behavior more easily

What People Are Saying So Far

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